Woman is Seeking Justice for a Man Who Was Falsely Accused of Assaulting Her Along the Rivanna Trail!

Woman is Seeking Justice for a Man Who Was Falsely Accused of Assaulting Her Along the Rivanna Trail!

After going for a stroll in January, Patrick McNamara had what he calls some of the darkest months of his life.

He is currently dealing with the fallout from being mistakenly accused of being a criminal.

“I’m being this vocal because it can never happen again,” stated Patrick McNamara. If that happened to me, it can happen to anyone, so that can’t happen to other people.

Two women were beaten on the Rivanna Trail on January 12.

After six days, Patrick McNamara was taken into custody.

During the interrogation, McNamara stated, “They informed me after I told them that I had never touched a woman in that manner in my entire life.” We’ll see what happens once we post your picture online and see if anyone comes forward, as one of the police officers told me.

A video that was taken from Cosner Brothers Body Shop on January 22nd, according to Chief Michael Kochis of the Charlottesville Police Department, was never given to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office.

“After obtaining their video, the Commonwealth Attorney concluded that there was no longer any reason to think they could establish Mr. McNamara’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt,” Kochis stated.

Kochis claims he is looking into the cause of the issue.

In the footage, McNamara is seen safely passing the victim beneath the freebridge.

Rhonda Quagliana, his lawyer at MichieHamlett, asserts that McNamara’s circumstances are not justifiable.

This caused the victim and him to suffer a terrible disservice. Eyewitness identifications are infamously unreliable, as everyone in law enforcement knows, and she misidentified her attacker, according to Quagliana.

Evidence additionally revealed that the attacker’s puffy white jacket was on. The video monitoring and search of McNamara’s home yielded no results for the puffy white jacket.

“They overlooked a lot of evidence early on that would have cleared me, and they withheld evidence that would have cleared me,” McNamara claimed. They just didn’t do their jobs, in my opinion.

McNamara said that his standing had been damaged.

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