Does Fontana Rank Among the “Healthiest” Municipalities? Not as Per a Recent Report!

Does Fontana Rank Among the "Healthiest" Municipalities?

Fontana did not perform well in the ranks of the “Healthiest and Unhealthiest Cities in America,” according to recent research.

A personal finance website called WalletHub evaluated 41 important health indicators in over 180 of the most populous U.S. communities to find out which ones prioritize the well-being of their citizens. The cost of a doctor’s visit, the amount of fruits and vegetables consumed, and the percentage of physically active individuals were all included in the data set.

Fontana came in lower than any other California locale, at No. 157 out of 182 significant cities in the country.

The Inland Empire does not have a single community listed in the top 100 healthiest cities, according to the survey. No. 107 was Riverside; No. 115 was Rancho Cucamonga; No. 137 was Ontario; No. 151 was Moreno Valley; and No. 155 was San Bernardino.

The top three cities on the healthiness table were Honolulu, Hawaii, and Seattle, Washington, after San Francisco. Fourth place went to San Diego.

Everyone should make an effort to consume a balanced diet, get regular exercise, and take care of their mental health, since maintaining good health is a personal responsibility.

But a person’s ability to maintain good health may be greatly influenced by their place of residence; thus, the healthiest cities are those that offer the most accessibility to first-rate medical care, parks, leisure areas, and wholesome cuisine, according to WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe.

There are Fontana locals who disagree with the WalletHub report’s conclusions. Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and other medical institutions are located in Fontana.

In addition, Fontana has several parks, leisure facilities, walking paths, and a fitness program called Healthy Fontana that offers activities and advice.

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