New Jersey Getaway With the Most Breathtaking Natural Scenery!

New Jersey Getaway With the Most Breathtaking Natural Scenery!

In case you missed it, the weather is improving and people in the Garden State are going outside to take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air.

It is a nice sight to see gorgeous sunny days with reasonable temps and fewer mosquitoes after being locked inside with a lot of rain for the past several months! The fact that fewer animals will be out and about in the summer is one of the best things about spring.

So let’s head outside and see some of New Jersey’s amazing natural areas. We have a wonderful location for you to explore, and you might not even know it exists!

The “best” natural areas in the United States were highlighted in a recent Reader’s Digest article titled “The Most Scenic Nature Getaways in Every State.”.

They emphasized the Paterson Great Falls on the Passaic River here in New Jersey. Although Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park is not on my travel itinerary, I have not yet had the opportunity to visit. I doubt that New Jersey is considered a destination for “waterfalls” by most people.

“Standing at 77 feet high, the Paterson Great Falls is the second largest waterfall in the nation, behind only Niagara Falls.” Consider that! New Jersey is home to the country’s second-largest waterfall!

Thus, the next time you’re searching for an amazing natural photo opportunity, visit Paterson Great Falls in Passaic County to see the second-largest waterfall in the country.

“Watch the 2 billion gallons of water that cascade into the gorge below each day from the pedestrian bridge over the top of the chasm.”

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