Two Climbers Who Were Reported Lost on California’s Mount Whitney Have Been Found Dead

Two Climbers Who Were Reported Lost on California's Mount Whitney Have Been Found Dead

INDEPENDENCY, California — THE Officials announced on Thursday that the bodies of two climbers who had been reported missing this week on the majestic Mount Whitney in California have been discovered.

After the climbers did not show up at their campsite as scheduled on Tuesday night, a buddy who had been accompanying them alerted the authorities, according to a statement released by the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the buddy, the two individuals intended to ski or snowboard from the “notch,” which is a level place where climbers frequently pause to rest, all the way down to their accommodation at Upper Boy Scout Lake.

A search operation was initiated by a helicopter crew as well as teams on the slopes.

The statement released by the sheriff’s office stated, “Sadly, both hikers were later discovered to have passed away.” The identities of those individuals were not immediately disclosed.

As a result of the fact that the bodies were located within the neighboring county of Tulare, the investigation is being handled by the sheriff-coroner’s office of that county.

Mount Whitney is the highest peak in the United States that is not located in Alaska. It is situated in the middle of the Sierra Nevada and has a summit that is 14,500 feet (4,420 meters) off the ground.

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