Twenty Gang Members Were Arrested in Georgia After a Probe Into an Armed Robbery in Cedar Park

Twenty Gang Members Were Arrested in Georgia After a Probe Into an Armed Robbery in Cedar Park

Texas’s Cedar Park Thirty members of a Georgia gang were caught after an investigation into an armed robbery in Cedar Park, Texas.

On March 14, the Cedar Park Police Department’s officers were called to Black Rock Vape for a dangerous assault.

When police came, the victim told them that he had been at an event in Austin when several men approached him and asked if he wanted to buy “exotic flowers.”

That person agreed, and he took the guys back to Black Rock Vape in Cedar Park.

Police say that when the men got to the store, the victim said they pulled out guns and stole his phone, money from the safe and register, and different vape items from the store.

Cedar Park police say that while they were looking into the case, they were able to figure out that the suspects were part of a gang and track them to Georgia.

On April 5, search and arrest warrants were carried out by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Gang Task Force, the Dekalb County Police Department, ATF Georgia, and Cedar Park Detectives.

The police say they found a stash of weapons, drugs, and money while serving the orders.

The police say the gang was using the house to sell drugs and start other illegal activities.

Twenty gang members and their friends were arrested in total.

Only four of the twenty men were charged for their part in the violent robbery in Cedar Park. Three of those four men are also being charged in Georgia.

Teenagers (19) Two counts of aggravated theft and one count of engaging in organized crime were brought against John Ben Frazier, Jakai Tyere Lewis, Ashton Patrick George, and Brandon Lovett Thomas, all of Georgia. They were involved in the armed robbery in Cedar Park.

Frazier, Lewis, and George are all being charged in Georgia with breaking the Georgia Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, making, delivering, selling, possessing, or selling controlled substances without a license, having marijuana on them with the intent to sell it, and having a gun on them while committing a felony in Georgia.

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