Kentucky Stores Targeted in Armed Robbery by Suspect Disguised as Woman

Kentucky Stores Targeted in Armed Robbery by Suspect Disguised as Woman

Henderson, Kentucky — In just five hours on Tuesday, a man from Owensboro robbed two shops with guns drawn in two different counties and was then caught in a third county.

Police in Henderson say Maurice Watkins put on a wig and a bag and robbed the Cricket Wireless store on the Henderson strip with a gun. He then went to Hopkins County and did the same thing at a Dollar General in Hanson.

At the time of the theft, Watkins got away with less than $200, according to the police. After about two hours, Watkins hit the Dollar General while still wearing the same clothes.

When Watkins was caught less than two hours later in Owensboro, police say they searched his car and found clothes he had worn in both crimes as well as a fake gun.

Watkins tried to make detectives think he was someone else by dressing as a woman, but they caught him.

44News was told by Lt. Stuart O’Nan of the Henderson Police Department that Watkins was trying to look like a woman by the way he was dressed. We asked the clerk at Cricket Wireless about the theft, and she was sure that it was a man who was doing it.

Last Friday, Watkins robbed a Dollar General with a gun. Owensboro police arrested him on a warrant from Hopkinsville for that crime.

Watkins and Sylvia Castro were both arrested on several charges, including having meth on them. Henderson cops refused to say more about Castro’s role in the thefts.

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