Student With Disabilities in Middle School Was Beaten Up by Other Kids, Family Says

Student With Disabilities in Middle School Was Beaten Up by Other Kids, Family Says

A family is angry and upset because their disabled 12-year-old daughter was attacked at school, which is a troubling case.

Eyewitness News got a video of the moment when two teens picked up the girl from her wheelchair and threw her to the ground. The crime took place in an Orange County lift at Conway Middle.

Watch the video to see how the teens continue to hit and drag the 12-year-old girl, who is hurt and can’t stand up.

Another video that Eyewitness News got shows more violence. This time, the girl’s mother says, it happened in the school bathroom.

The pictures show a girl on the ground trying to get back to her wheelchair while other teens hit her, pulled her hair, and dragged her around. They were all taken on camera and shared on social media.

“I was furious. I was mad. “I was so mad,” the girl’s mother, Myisha Hall, said. “It’s sad because none of us know what she goes through every day.” I’m writing this as the parent of a girl who is on her knees pleading with God to make her normal.

A video shows one of the fights that happened just last Friday. Hall says that her daughter, who was born with a spine defect, has not gone back to school since then.

Eyewitness News got a hold of the voice message that the director sent out admitting the attack.

In the message, Conway Middle School Principal Joshua Bing said, “The school administration is aware of a few students who were involved in several very disturbing fights that happened on campus.” “I want you to know that we started looking into what happened right away.”

Later, the director said that the school would punish the girl, but her family said that nothing has been done yet.

“I think they let both of us down. “They let us down,” Hall said. This opens my eyes and the eyes of everyone else whose kids go to school and drop them off every day.

“This event is still being looked into, but here’s what we know for now:

When deputies talked to the kids, they all said they were just having fun.

During the study, more videos were found, and the ones that have been looked at seem to back up what was said.

No one said they had been a victim of a crime.

The event was carefully recorded, and as of right now, no charges have been filed.

C. Dwight Bain works as a counselor for mental health. He was asked by WFTV why someone would do this and then share the video on social media.

C.Dwight Bain said, “When we see something so horrible and ask ourselves, ‘What drives these kids?'”

“Remember that a 12-year-old brain is a 12-year-old brain,” Bain said. “They don’t really understand what will happen, so that drive—that dopamine hit of ‘I want to be famous, all those Likes, all those people around the country, millions and millions of people say I’m great,'”

Bain said that this kind of activity has grown a lot since the pandemic.

“The numbers show it’s gotten a lot worse,” Bain said. “Every day it gets worse and worse until people say this is unbelievable.”

He told parents they needed to take charge. They should limit their child’s time on social media and have serious, tough talks with them about bullying to make sure that their child isn’t being bullied or could be hurting others.

“They used to say that quiet is golden when I was a kid. I want to talk about that. “No, it’s not,” Bain said. “Being quiet is dangerous, and this is a case where it can be deadly.”

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