Georgia Judge Scolds Fani Willis’s Prosecutor for Shouting During a Match

Georgia Judge Scolds Fani Willis's Prosecutor for Shouting During a Match

A Fulton County District Attorney Fanni Willis’s office lawyer got into a shouting match with the judge in charge of rapper Young Thug’s trial on Wednesday. The two were arguing about evidence.

Judge Ural Glanville and Chief Deputy District Attorney Adriane Love got into an angry argument when Judge Glanville said that Love couldn’t use the evidence she wanted to.

Glanville told the defense, “Why didn’t we file this stuff months ago? Let’s wind it out and air it out at that time.” Then he asked Love about it.

The judge asked Love if the lawyers had talked about the evidence before it was thrown out. While Love was venting her anger, Glanville said, “Well then you all should have gotten yourselves together before.”

“Please take a seat, ma’am. “Take a seat,” he told the court staff after telling them to call the jury, who wasn’t there at the time. “That should be left out, and next time, be sure you’re ready.”

Love said that her team had tried to talk to the defense about the proof.

Glanville responded, “Oh, that’s not going to work right now.” “I’m not going to talk about this any further, madam.”

“Judge, we talked to them about that this morning! I also tried to talk to them earlier this week!” Love yelled. “Your Honor, the court charges the state with a crime because of the defense?”

“No one is getting in trouble,” the judge said. “But practicing ahead of time keeps you from doing badly.”

“We got ready, judge!” That’s why I sent them the same thing I sent them last week! A week and a half ago! Two weeks, sir!” Before Glanville told Love that the jury was coming in, she yelled.

Fans of Love’s boss, Fani Willis, know her for prosecuting former President Trump for allegedly meddling in the election.

People said that Willis had a “improper” connection with Nathan Wade, the special counsel she hired to go after Trump. There were also claims that she was getting paid for Wade’s work in her office. Willis and Wade both rejected the claims.

Willis was able to stay on the case after Wade quit.

Young Thug is an Atlanta-based hip-hop artist whose real name is Jeffery Lamar Williams. Love is the main accuser in the case against him.

The charges against Williams and six others are related to their membership in a dangerous street gang. He is also charged with drug and gun crimes, as well as racketeering plot.

Young Thug had a lot of success after starting to rap when he was a youngster. He is now the CEO of his own record label, Young Stoner Life (YSL). People who work with him on their music are part of the “Slime Family,” and in April 2021, the group album “Slime Language 2” went straight to the top of the charts.

However, officials say that YSL also stands for “Young Slime Life.” They say that Young Thug and two others started this violent street gang in Atlanta in 2012 and that it is connected to the national Bloods gang. According to the indictment, the people named are responsible for killings, shootings, and carjackings that happened to get money for the gang, improve its image, and gain more area and power.

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