Tragic Incident Outside Checkers Restaurant Leaves a Homeless Man in a Coma!

Tragic Incident Outside Checkers Restaurant Leaves a Homeless Man in a Coma!

A homeless man lies in a coma following a vicious assault while dining outside a Checkers restaurant in Northeast Baltimore. The incident, captured on video, has led to attempted murder charges against the alleged perpetrator.

The attack occurred shortly after midnight on April 17th, according to charging documents. The 40-year-old victim had just received his food from the pickup window at the Checkers on Moravia Road when he was confronted by 34-year-old Deluntae Boyd.

Surveillance footage reveals Boyd rifling through the victim’s food bag before snatching it and walking away. When the victim confronted Boyd, he was violently shoved to the ground, his head striking the table. Boyd proceeded to repeatedly punch and stomp on the victim until he lost consciousness.

Upon police arrival, Boyd fled the scene while the victim was rushed to the hospital, unresponsive and suffering from a brain bleed.

Detectives identified Boyd the following day based on his attire matching that of the assailant in the surveillance footage. He was apprehended and, during questioning, allegedly remarked that the suspect in the photos resembled him, suggesting the existence of a “clone.”

Court records reveal Boyd’s history of criminal convictions, including assault in 2014 and unauthorized use in 2017, both resulting in suspended 18-month jail sentences. Additionally, Boyd was convicted of telephone misuse in Harford County in 2021 and received one year of probation.

Currently held without bail, Boyd is scheduled to appear in court on May 14th.

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