An Unlicensed Contractor Who Was Convicted Stole $160,000 From 14 Nevada Homeowners

An Unlicensed Contractor Who Was Convicted Stole $160,000 From 14 Nevada Homeowners

A Nevada State Contractors Board report says an unlicensed worker stole $160,000 from 14 homes in four counties in Northern Nevada. Early this month, Sandra Tyler, who is 77 years old, pleaded guilty to two felony counts of stealing money from homes by giving them false information.

The board says Tyler owned Re-Bath Reno. She gave people money to put in her own accounts after signing contracts to update their bathrooms, but she never did the work. Investigators say she used force against a homeowner in at least one case, telling them she would put a lean on their house if they didn’t pay a bigger deposit.

Tyler’s hearing to be sentenced is set for June 5. She could go to jail for up to nine years and have to pay the NSCB more than $133,000 in restitution plus $3,800 for the costs of the investigation.

She had also been found guilty of working as a worker without a license in 2015.

“Do your research before you hire a contractor or start any kind of work. That’s the main message we want to get across to everyone.” Check out our site. A deputy executive officer, David Behar, said, “Make sure that person is a licensed contractor.”

Homeowners can check a contractor’s license by going to this link to the NSCB website and making sure the contractor is qualified to do the work they want to do. Anyone who works with an illegal contractor should call the NSCB illegal Contractor Hotline at (775) 688-1141 in order to report them.

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