Death Inquiry Continues Despite Autopsy Reports for Kansas City Chiefs Fans Being Hidden

The autopsy and toxicology reports on the three Kansas City Chiefs fans who were found dead in a friend’s snowy garden earlier this year are complete. However, they have been kept secret because the investigation is still going on.

Three men, Harrington (37), Clayton McGeeney (36), and Ricky Johnson (38), were found frozen and dead behind the house of their longtime friend Jordan Willis on January 9. That was two days after they were last seen alive in the house watching the Chiefs play the Los Angeles Chargers.

Someone from Frontier Forensics Midwest LLC told Fox News Digital that the autopsies and lab reports were finished in “late January,” but that the Platte County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office could only make the results public. The second agency could not be reached for feedback right away.

Detectives from the Kansas City Police Department told the men’s families about the preliminary results over the phone in early February. THC, cocaine, and lethal amounts of fentanyl were found in all three men’s bodies, as Fox News Digital previously reported.

Jen Marquez, David Harrington’s mother, told Fox 4 that if someone knew what was in what they drank that night and didn’t tell anyone, that person should be held responsible. “That’s my fear, it won’t happen… it’s so hard not knowing anything – like not hearing anything.”

The father of Johnson, Ricky Johnson Sr., told Fox News Digital that the Kansas City Police Department had given their drug task force his son’s case.

He said on Thursday, “I think they should arrest the guy and make him talk.” “My attorney told me to give more time [for police] to finish the investigation – [I’m] not pleased but I’ll wait a little longer.”

A person who knows homeowner Jordan Willis well said what the families of the dead men were feeling:

A source told CNN on Thursday, “He is waiting like everyone else until this investigation is over.” “The limbo has been frustrating and he feels like he can’t really start to heal until we have some kind of resolution here.”

“This has been so traumatic for him and he’s still trying to cope with the loss of his friends, as well as the loss of living anonymously,” the source said.

Fox 4 also said that the prosecutor’s office had called Alex Lee’s lawyer. Lee was a fifth man who spent the last few hours of his life at Willis’ house with the other men.

Frontier Forensics told Fox News Digital in January that the autopsy and toxicology reports for the men would be ready in six to ten weeks.

KCPD Sergeant Phil DiMartino said on Wednesday, “There are no new developments at this time.” “This case is still open and ongoing. The police are still following all the leads they have. The Platte County Prosecutor’s office and our department are still in touch and working together to look over any charges that might be appropriate. The results of an autopsy report are not released to the public while the investigation is still going on.

The cops have said that they don’t think there was any foul play in their deaths and told Fox News Digital that they are “100% not being investigated as homicide[s].”

On the other hand, the men’s family members have said they think Willis had something to do with their deaths.

A report from Fox News Digital earlier said that all three families are thinking about filing wrongful death cases.

Harrington’s father had told Fox News Digital that he and his son’s mother were “sure that Jordan Willis had something to do with this,” but they “hadn’t figured out how yet.”

Johnson’s mother told Fox News Digital that she thought Willis had “made something up and gave it to all three men.” Johnson’s father, who is 38 years old, said he “believed Willis drugged them, dragged them outside, and waited two days to call the police.”

John Picerno, Willis’s lawyer, said that his client didn’t know that his friends were in trouble in his backyard and didn’t know they were dead until the cops showed up that night, January 9.

When McGeeney’s fiancée broke into Willis’ property after unsuccessful attempts to reach him and knocks on his door that were not answered, she called the police. Outside, she found the body of one of the guys.

A person close to Willis previously told Fox News Digital that the HIV scientist, who has since left his home in Kansas City and spent some time in rehab, “has been left with no choice but to consider slander and defamation suits against these families, friends, and significant others who have baselessly accused him in a smear campaign on every public forum willing to give them a platform to blame and point fingers.”

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