Squatter Crackdown: Cops Arrested Squatters and Recovered Stolen Car in Georgia

Squatter Crackdown: Cops Arrested Squatters and Recovered Stolen Car in Georgia

South Fulton, GA: The police in South Fulton, Georgia, stopped a group of squatters who had reportedly moved into an empty house on Christmas Eve of last year.

A lot of police officers from South Fulton showed up at the house on Caveat Court that was supposed to be empty. They detained six people and found a stolen car.

The station talked to Kendra Snorton, vice president of the homeowner association, who said that the group moved into the empty house on Christmas Day. The house is in Hampton Oaks.

The head of the homeowners association, Mel Keyton, told the station that some of the people in the group broke into another house in the neighborhood, stole a car, and then went back to the house they had been living in for months.

“The car was behind us in the yard when the police arrived.” “That’s how we figured it out,” Keyton commented.

Police Recovering the stolen car from squatters in South Fulton.

The real estate agent said that trying to get squatters out of the homes they’re living in illegally is dangerous and that the people who are living there illegally don’t fear being caught.

Also, she said that the area is dangerous because of the squatters who live there.

“We let them use our facilities. As they walk, people in the neighborhood watch. “Those people break into homes,” she said.

Atlanta is about 20 miles to the southwest of South Fulton.

Some states have taken action against the squatters. Recently, Gov. Brian Kemp (R-Ga.) signed a bill that made squatting illegal in Georgia.

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