West Virginia Youth Courageously Challenge Transgender Sports Policies, Outshine President’s Leadership

West Virginia Youth Courageously Challenge Transgender Sports Policies, Outshine President's Leadership

The transgender sports craze keeps going, and it’s crushing even little kids in its way. The kids in West Virginia who spoke out against trans sports are braver than the president.

Think about the five middle school girls in West Virginia who were right to be upset that trans girl Becky Pepper-Jackson (who is biologically a boy and has all the strength benefits that comes with that) was allowed to compete in a track and field event.

Because the girls didn’t want to throw the shot put against Pepper-Jackson, they were banned from future meets as a quiet protest.

They did not yell, scream, or use racial slurs. Instead, they protested in a way that was neither threatening nor aggressive, because they saw what they saw as an injustice.

In West Virginia, it is against the law for biological boys to fight against girls. It wasn’t until a federal judge stepped in that Pepper-Jackson was able to beat the girls in the first place.

To force gender extremism on the public, the county board still tried to abuse its power to make the teenage girls pay for standing up for what they believed in.

Take the recent case of Aayden Gallagher, an Oregon transgender (that is, naturally male) runner who caused a stir when a video showed her completely beating her biologically female competitors.

Or Soren Stark-Chessa of Maine, who came in 172nd place when racing against boys but earned fourth place in the high school girls’ division in October.

Or Alicia Paans, a graduate student who is right now playing in the 2024 Women’s National Collegiate Club Championship for the University of Michigan’s women’s water polo team. The Wolverines did win the title in 2023.

It’s also happening in other countries. For example, an Australian soccer team with five trans women players swept the event for the second year in a row.

Serena Williams, who is probably the highest-ranked woman in tennis, is proof.

In 1998, she and her sister were both beaten by Karsten Braasch, a German has-been at the top of the rankings.

Asking people to ignore basic scientific facts in the name of “gender justice” is an insult to women in all fields, not just sports.

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