Pee Dee Resident Facing Federal Custody for Alleged Murder of New Mexico Officer

A man from Pee Dee who had connections to two deaths that occurred thousands of miles away from one another will continue to be held in prison by the federal government.

On Tuesday, a preliminary and detention hearing was held for Jeremy Smith in the federal court that is located in New Mexico.

After the court found that there is “no condition or combination of conditions of release” that will ensure the safety of the general public, the documents indicate that he must continue to be held in custody until his trial is scheduled to begin.

The weight of the evidence against the defendant, his prior criminal history, and his history of violence or use of firearms are some of the other reasons that the defendant is being held in custody, according to records from the federal government.

Additionally, according to the records of the federal court, Smith gave up his ability to contest his incarceration.

He is currently being held by the United States Marshal Service after being remanded to their custody.

In connection with the shooting murder of New Mexico State Police Officer Justin Hare on March 15th, Smith is facing federal charges of carjacking resulting in death and discharge of a handgun during and in relation to a crime of violence. These accusations are related to the incident that occurred.

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