Former Nmsu Basketball Player Killed in Shooting: Third Suspect Accepts Plea Agreement!

Former Nmsu Basketball Player Killed in Shooting Third Suspect Accepts Plea Agreement!

Eli’sha Upshaw, one of three University of New Mexico students charged in a deadly self-defense shooting involving a former NMSU basketball player, accepted a plea deal. Upshaw faced charges including aggravated battery, conspiracy, and evidence tampering.

He pleaded guilty to aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and conspiracy, potentially facing up to four years in prison. He’s the third to take a plea deal.

Upshaw, initially pleading not guilty, appeared virtually for a plea change hearing. Prosecutors requested co-conspirator Jonathan Smith’s sentencing alongside Upshaw. Mike Peake is expected to testify against Smith and Upshaw during the sentencing. The incident stemmed from an alleged revenge plot against Peake for a prior altercation.

The shooting occurred after Peake was lured to UNM’s campus. Surveillance footage showed Travis pointing a gun at Peake, while Upshaw allegedly assaulted him with a baseball bat. Peake, acting in self-defense, exchanged gunfire with Travis, resulting in Travis’s death and Peake’s injury.

The other suspects, including Hill and Smith, previously took plea deals. Peake was cleared of charges, ruled to have acted in self-defense.

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