In Illinois, Is It Legal to Shoot a Wild Turkey in Your Backyard?

In Illinois, Is It Legal to Shoot a Wild Turkey in Your Backyard

Wild turkeys have become a common sight in Rockford neighborhoods, with their numbers increasing noticeably. These birds are prevalent across all counties in Illinois, from Jo Daviess to Vermilion. The University of Illinois Extension estimates their population at a staggering 150,000 statewide.

While the sudden surge in the turkey population prompts speculation, their motives remain unclear. However, encountering these feathered friends during a neighborhood stroll is not uncommon.

For hunting enthusiasts, the Illinois Department of Natural Resources provides specific guidelines. The spring 2024 Turkey archery season begins on April 8 for the south zone and April 15 for the north zone. Additionally, fall firearm turkey hunting is permitted only in select counties.

To legally hunt wild turkeys on personal property, individuals must possess a valid hunting license, a state habitat stamp, and at least one turkey permit, as outlined on the IDNR website.

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