Warnings From the FBI About Carjackings in New Mexico!

Warnings From the FBI About Carjackings in New Mexico!

The FBI’s special agent in charge, Raul Bujanda, issues a stark warning regarding the surge of carjackings in New Mexico. Reports indicate that approximately 30 incidents occurred in the state between January and April 1, 2024.

Bujanda emphasizes the gravity of the situation, stating, “If this trend continues, we could see over 100 carjackings this year alone, many of which involve extreme violence and tragic outcomes.”

The sudden and violent nature of these crimes has raised concerns among law enforcement officials. Bujanda urges vigilance, highlighting the risk posed to unsuspecting victims. He references recent incidents, including the tragic loss of state police officer Justin Hare, as sobering reminders of the dangers faced by motorists.

Distinguishing between carjacking and auto theft, Bujanda underscores the intentional violence inherent in carjacking, where perpetrators target motorists directly. He emphasizes the need for proactive measures to address this alarming trend.

To mitigate the risk of becoming a victim, Bujanda offers practical tips:

  • Trust your instincts and remain vigilant about your surroundings.
  • Immediately lock your vehicle’s doors upon entry.
  • Minimize distractions, such as avoiding phone use while driving.
  • Stay alert to suspicious individuals or vehicles, and if necessary, seek assistance or remove yourself from the situation.

The FBI urges residents to prioritize their safety and report any suspicious activity to local authorities promptly.

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