Major Gun Legislation Awaits Final Votes as Maine Legislators Reach Adjournment!

Major Gun Legislation Awaits Final Votes as Maine Legislators Reach Adjournment!

The Maine Legislature approached adjournment with several pending gun safety bills, following the deadliest shooting in state history last fall.

The Senate awaited a final vote on the governor’s proposals aimed at enhancing gun safety. These measures included strengthening the state’s yellow flag law, implementing stricter background checks for private gun sales, and criminalizing reckless gun sales to prohibited individuals.

Additionally, the Senate narrowly approved a 72-hour waiting period for gun purchases and a ban on bump stocks, which can convert firearms into automatic weapons.

One key proposal yet to be voted on was a red flag initiative introduced by House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross. This proposal would empower family members to petition a judge to remove firearms from individuals experiencing psychiatric crises, potentially bypassing the complex process outlined in the current yellow flag law.

With a deadline looming, legislators faced pressure to finalize pending legislation before adjournment. Democratic Governor Janet Mills expressed no intention to extend the session.

However, a last-minute dispute between the governor and lawmakers over funding for storm damage recovery added complexity to the adjournment process. Additionally, a potentially contentious budget revision awaited approval.

The backdrop of the Oct. 25 shooting, which resulted in 18 fatalities and 13 injuries, underscored the urgency of the legislative session. Republicans criticized Democrats for exploiting the tragedy to push through controversial bills, while supporters argued that constituents demanded action to prevent future attacks.

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