Barbara Mikulski Backs Sheila Dixon for Mayor of Baltimore

Barbara Mikulski Backs Sheila Dixon for Mayor of Baltimore

In the election for the position of Baltimore City Mayor, Barbara A. Mikulski, a prominent player in Maryland’s Democratic political landscape and the state’s first female senator, expressed her support for Sheila Dixon, who had previously served as the mayor of Baltimore City.

In attendance at Dixon’s “Women for Dixon” brunch event on Saturday was Senator Barbara Mikulski, who holds the distinction of being the first woman from Maryland to be elected to the United States Senate and the longest-serving United States Senator in the history of Maryland, having served for five terms.

Dixon expressed her appreciation for Mikulski’s support in a statement that was posted on her X account. In the statement, she said, “Mikulski is a trailblazer who has paved the way for women in public service in our state and around the country.”

I would want to express my gratitude to her for her support in this race. It was a pleasure to have her join me at the Women for Dixon breakfast.

According to reports from Dixon’s official account, the event that took place on Saturday, April 27, witnessed an incredible turnout of more than one hundred women who were in support of Dixon’s cause.

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