This Bill in Georgia Could Make It Harder for Kids to Use Social Networking Sites

This Bill in Georgia Could Make It Harder for Kids to Use Social Networking Sites

PERRY, Ga. — Soon, kids in Georgia might have to get permission from their parents to use social media. This is to make sure that no one younger than 16 is using the apps.

The House passed Senate Bill 351 and the Senate agreed with it. Finally, Gov. Brian Kemp has to decide whether to sign it or not.

Family is very important to Willis. Perry’s parents, Joy Willis and Greg Willis made rules to keep their kids safe on social media because of this.

“At first, I told my kids they couldn’t have it at all. “They thought I was a strict parent, but it was just to keep them safe,” Joy Willis said.

Joy Willis works as a real estate agent for Keller Williams West Atlanta. As part of her job, she uses social media every day.

“Society brings me about 90% of my business.” “People direct message me (DM) if they see the ad and say, “Hey, yeah, I want you to be my agent,” she said.

But she also knows that bad people could be talking to kids on social media.

That’s because there are people who say they’re eight or nine years old but are really adults. She also said, “If you want to take your kids, kidnap them.”

That’s why they watch out for what their kids do and hear on their cell phones.

“Every week, we got together to talk about things; my husband set that up.” Willis said, “Even just letting them know that you should let us know if you have any bullies.”

She said they agree with the bill and that it’s a good rule to have even though they know kids could find a way to get around parental approval.

Her son Christian Willis, who is 15, agrees.

“I think it’s good for like upcoming teenagers, so they don’t like go fall into the bad things of the world now,” Willis said.

He is only a student in high school, but he understands how bad social media can be for kids.

He said that’s because he’s seen other kids his age become too obsessed with it, which isn’t good.

“I just feel like people post a lot about their business and they should keep it to themselves instead,” he said.

He also said that he doesn’t always check social media to see what’s going on at school because he’s doing other things he enjoys there.

The bill also says that school computers and the internet can’t be used for social media. Also, adult sites would have to make sure that users are at least 18 years old. In addition, schools would have to teach more about how to use the internet and social media.

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