Trump to Appeal ‘Unconstitutional Gag Order’ as Judge Calls it a ‘Sham,’ Threatens Jail Time

Trump to Appeal 'Unconstitutional Gag Order' as Judge Calls it a 'Sham,' Threatens Jail Time

Former President Trump said Thursday morning that his defense team in the NY v. Trump case has filed a move to appeal the “unconstitutional gag order” that was put on him, which limits what he can say about the case in public.

“I just wanted to let you know that we just filed a major motion in the appellate division about the completely unconstitutional gag order that says I can’t talk to you about anything important that’s going on in the case.” There are also many good things going on with the case. “It should not have been filed,” he said.

Trump is under a gag order that says he or others can’t say anything public about witnesses or their possible involvement in the case, or they can’t say anything about court staff, DA staff, or family members of staff. A judge in this case said Trump broke the order 10 times and fined him $10,000. The judge also said Trump could go to jail if he keeps breaking the order.

On Thursday, Trump also read to reporters the opinions of lawyers about the case. On that day, lawyers like Alan Dershowitz and Jonathan Turley criticized the trial.

“This case is like Frankenstein. An claimed federal felony was linked to a dead misdemeanor and brought back to life with a zap. So many of us are shocked to see this person walk into court because it’s not a crime that any of us have seen before, Trump said, quoting Turley from Fox News.

As someone who has worked in this field for 60 years, I don’t know what crime he’s been charged with. This is not clear to anyone. I don’t understand the crime. There is absolutely no proof of any crime. “This is a fake,” Trump went on by quoting Dershowitz.

On Tuesday, Stormy Daniels, a former pornographic actress, testified in court about her claimed affair with Trump when he was a real estate mogul. On Thursday, she is back in court in Manhattan.

What Daniels told the court was that she met Trump at a celebrity golf event in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, in 2006. She said that they had sex in Trump’s hotel room during the event, which Trump has denied many times in public. Daniels also told the court how she got into the pornography business after working as an exotic dancer when she was a teenager.

The case is all about business records that were allegedly being lied on. Authorities say that Michael Cohen, who used to work as Trump’s lawyer, paid Daniels $130,000 to stop talking about the claimed extramarital affair. Prosecutors say that the Trump Organization paid Cohen back and falsely recorded the payments as legal fees. They are now trying to show that Trump lied on records with the intent to commit or hide a second crime, which is a felony.

On Tuesday, legal experts said on social media that Daniels’ statement had nothing to do with the case and shouldn’t have been made public.

“I used to work as a judge.” I still have a pretty good idea of what evidence is relevant, what evidence is unfair, and what evidence is totally over the top not allowed. People will remember what the judge is letting in today in the Trump trial in New York City as a dark stain on our justice system that makes me think of corrupt dictatorships. “Shame on the prosecution for undermining our legal system,” wrote David Friedman on X. Friedman is a lawyer and was the U.S. ambassador to Israel under Trump.

Soon after Daniels’ statement on Tuesday, Trump’s defense team asked for a mistrial, but Judge Juan Merchan turned them down.

“THE PROSECUTION HAS GONE TOO FAR; THERE IS NO CASE.” “MISSAL!” Tuesday, Trump wrote on Truth Social.

“This Witch Hunt is based on FALSE ANCIENT HISTORY that came out in the 2016 Presidential Election.” There is only one thing going on here: trying to help Crooked Joe Biden get elected because he can’t do it on his own. It is a nasty attack on Biden’s political opponent, ME, by the D.A. Alvin Bragg, who is backed by George Soros, working closely with the D.O.J. and the White House. It is against the law, against the Constitution, and strictly Third World Country!”

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