Ohio Congress Drama demands Testimony from Former Prosecutor Nathan Wade

Ohio Congress Drama demands Testimony from Former Prosecutor Nathan Wade

An Ohio congressman and the Fulton County district attorney have been fighting for a while now. On Thursday, the congressman made things worse by asking former special prosecutor Nathan Wade to appear before his committee.

Rep. Jim Jordan sent Fulton DA Fani Willis a number of angry letters in which he asked for a lot of information from her case against former President Donald Trump.

She has replied with several angry letters, saying that Jordan is meddling in her case. Right now, Jordan is involving Wade. Jordan’s letter to Wade got right to the point.

“There are serious concerns about your role in the politically motivated prosecution initiated by Ms. Willis against President Donald Trump,” Jordan wrote. “You have reportedly profited significantly from Ms. Willis’ prosecution.”

During the trials of Trump and others, Willis and Wade admitted to having a connection. Fulton County Judge Scott McAfee said that either Willis or Wade had to leave. Wade quit that same day.

Wade told ABC News in an exclusive interview that he felt bad that the connection took away from the case.

“I’m sorry that that private matter turned into the main focus of this very important case.” Wade said, “This case is very important.”

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This is not the first time that Jordan and Willis have fought. Jordan wrote Willis a number of angry letters asking for papers.

Willis replied sharply, calling his study “an unjustified and illegal intrusion into an open state investigation.”

At the same time, the state Senate is also looking into Willis and Wade. Democrats call this probe a political witch hunt.

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