Trump Says He Didn’t Call the Troops Who Died Losers and Suckers After Biden Went to a Cemetery in France

Trump Says He Didn't Call the Troops Who Died Losers and Suckers After Biden Went to a Cemetery in France

Former President Trump denied calling dead U.S. troops “suckers” and “losers” again after Vice President Biden visited the cemetery in France on Sunday that Trump did not visit on his own trip to the country in 2018.

“Of course, I never said that soldiers who died are “losers and suckers.” Who would say something like that?” Trump wrote on Truth Social that the charge was “made up disinformation” spread by his opponents.

The post by Trump said, “Remember that whenever that disgusting FAKE statement is used, it comes from the FASCIST SCUM that is destroying our Country.”

When Biden got back from his trip to France, he stopped at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, which is where more than 2,200 American soldiers who fought in World War I are buried. This was Trump’s latest lie.

Even though Biden didn’t say anything about Trump at the cemetery, the visit was clearly a jab at the former president and likely GOP candidate for president in 2024.

During his own trip to France in 2018, Trump didn’t go to the same graveyard as planned. The White House said it was because of bad weather. In 2020, The Atlantic said that Trump had asked his staff, “Why should I go to that cemetery?” It’s full of losers. The magazine said that Trump later called war-dead people “suckers” for dying.

Even though Trump has denied saying those things, his former chief of staff, John Kelly, later confirmed what the magazine said.

Biden and his team have brought up the alleged comments many times during the campaign, saying that they show Trump doesn’t care about veterans or people who have served in the military.

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