Black Male Voters Disillusioned With Biden and Trump ‘Tired of Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils’

Black Male Voters Disillusioned With Biden and Trump 'tired of Choosing the Lesser of Two Evils'

Some Black men who voted told ABC News that they didn’t feel good about picking between President Biden and Donald Trump in November. Some of the men said that picking one would be like picking the lesser of two sins.

That’s the only choice we have, so I’ll vote. So it’s like, “Hey, do you want to burn your hand in the oven or the toaster?” In an interview with ABC that ran on Sunday, rapper Hitman Holla said.

Byron Pitts of ABC News talked to Black men in Georgia and Michigan, two key battleground states, about the problems that matter most to them when it’s time to vote.

John John Da Don, the rapper, told ABC, “I just got to be convinced, and I don’t know what’s going to convince me, to be honest.” He then said he was thinking about voting for Trump. “I feel like it was more change when Trump was in office than Biden if we got to compare what’s going on.”

“I’m sick of having to pick between two bad things.” I have the right to be sure of what I believe. Antonio Brooks, a community organizer in Michigan, told ABC, “I think they’re not good candidates for the people.”

A study from USA Today and Suffolk University that came out on Sunday found that Black voters’ support for Biden has dropped by about 20 percentage points since the last election in both Michigan and Pennsylvania. Among Black voters in Michigan, the poll showed that Trump has only 15% of the vote, while Biden has 54%.

In the 2020 election in Michigan, Trump only got 9% of the votes of Black people.

The study shows that the former president gets 11% of the Black vote in Pennsylvania. This is three points more than in 2020. 56% of Black people in the state still want Biden to win.

I met Biden when he came to Michigan in May. Hurley Coleman III is the CEO of the Community Action Committee in Saginaw. Coleman stated that they talked about the cost of living and his plans for the business.

“I believe in what President Biden is trying to accomplish, and so as we get closer to November, I will be paying close attention to those – those policies and to what he believes he wants to move this country towards, and I will be standing with him,” he told ABC.

Roy Baldwin, another voter, said that as the owner of a barbecue business, he was feeling the effects of inflation.

He said of Trump and Biden, “Right now, I don’t think either one can make a big difference in the economy.” The business owner still wants to go to the polls in November.

“‘At least I have a choice,'” she said. Trust me if I say I’m not going to vote. You chose already. Your choice does matter. We fought for it. “Sometimes silence is a voice,” he said. “We died for it, to have a right and a voice.”

Source: FOX News

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