Tim Scott Enlists Controversial Figure in Bid to Become Trump’s VP

Tim Scott Enlists Controversial Figure in Bid to Become Trump's VP

Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina is well on becoming Donald Trump’s vice president. But Kellyanne Conway, who was not supposed to support Scott, has given him a lot of power.

Several people close to Conway told The Daily Beast that Scott has been taking care of a growing friendship between himself and the former top Trump White House aide. They’ve been seen having dinner together in and around Washington, D.C., and Conway is set to talk at a fundraiser in June that the southern lawmaker is in charge of. Getting closer to Conway has also brought you closer to Trump, who is said to value Conway’s opinion still a great deal.

A source close to Scott told the Beast, “Tim and Kellyanne are close because, as she puts it, she is de facto head of Trump world—like Trump’s security blanket.” “People don’t realize how much the president relies on her advice, and they risk being hurt by not believing in her power.”

Trump, on the other hand, posted on Friday that the first presidential discussion of the election season would be held at an HBCU “on behalf of the future Vice President of the United States.” This was a vague reference to his choice for vice president. (In fact, the Commission on Presidential Debates chose that spot in November, even though Trump tried to claim credit for it.)

Scott is one of the best candidates, but Conway is also thinking about other people for Trump’s number two job. The Beast spoke with people who said that Florida Senator Marco Rubio is also at the top of the list. The political consultant is also looking at other ideas on a different level of how likely they are to work. Some of these candidates are Doug Burgum, the governor of North Dakota, and Bill Hagerty, the senator from Tennessee.

People believe that Conway’s work to support Scott is real and that she has a lot of power with the likely Republican presidential choice. However, people who know her well told the Beast that she can make bad decisions too.

Kellyanne is looked down upon for many reasons, including the fact that she’s not very smart and doesn’t really come up with many good ideas. According to one source, she makes decisions based on how much money she wants to make. “But she knows Trump better than anyone else.” Kellieanne is the only person who can get him to mess up and then blame someone else.

But Trump’s team says the blame lies with him.

In a statement, Conway said, “President Trump is asking many men and women for advice on the VP pick, but he and he alone will make the choice.”

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