The Number Of COVID-19 Deaths In Florida Rises In 2024

In comparison to the number of cases that we observed during the peak of the pandemic, the number of COVID-19 cases in Florida is very low; yet, the virus has not disappeared.

“We are still seeing this virus in the emergency departments where I worked,” the doctor said. “There are certain subsets of the population that are still getting very sick,” said Dr. Rajiv Bahl, a physician who specializes in emergency medicine. “Several people are doing particularly well,” he said.

Based on the information provided by the state health department, there have been more than 142,000 cases of COVID-19 reported in the state of Florida so far in the year 2024.

When you break it down by month, there were approximately 20,571 cases recorded in March of this year. This number is significantly lower than the number of cases that were reported in March of 2023, which was 41,832.

However, the virus has been responsible for the deaths of approximately 2,300 people thus far in 2018.

Because the symptoms of COVID-19 frequently resemble those of the ordinary flu or an upper respiratory illness, Bahl stated that it is impossible to determine the exact number of people who are infected with the virus. The number of people testing for the virus has also decreased.

He recommended that susceptible groups should think about receiving an additional layer of protection through the use of vaccinations and boosters.

“Several individuals who may even get COVID-19, despite the vaccine, should do particularly well, particularly with this strain of COVID-19 that is around,” Bahl explained to reporters. “But if you’re in one of those high-risk populations, we do recommend you start to consider getting that vaccine as well.”

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