The Husband’s Wife Says She Tried to Kill Him With His Own Stash of Animal Drugs

The Husband's Wife Says She Tried to Kill Him With His Own Stash of Animal Drugs

It is said that a woman in Wisconsin could spend more than ten years in prison after admitting that she tried to poison her veterinarian husband with his stock of drugs used to kill animals.

Fox News reported that Amanda Alicia Chapin, 51, pleaded not guilty to reckless endangering charges on Friday for stealing the dangerous drugs from her husband and mixing them into his coffee in the morning.

Chapin met Gary Chapin, 71, online, and the two got married in March 2022.

His new wife quickly got him to sign the deed to his house in her name and fake his son’s signature to get power of attorney.

Two weeks after her name was on the deed, she started putting the stolen barbiturates in his coffee. According to the news source, she didn’t call 911 for three hours after the last dose in August 2022.

Gary Chapin went into a coma after three doses and was rushed to the hospital, where doctors found the potentially deadly drugs in his body. This is when the police started to put together the puzzle of the case.

The news source said that when Gary Chapin woke up four days later, he quickly filed for divorce. At the same time, his son got a protection order to keep his bad stepmother away from his sick dad.

In September of that year, Amanda Chapin broke the order when she sent her ex-husband an email with a suicide note in an attempt to get him back.

The note said, “I only love you SOOOOOOOOO MUCH and that’s my fault.”

It didn’t work, so she was charged with attempted murder. In the criminal plea deal made in court on Friday, the charge was lowered to first-degree reckless endangerment.

Law and Crime says Amanda Chapin could get up to 12.5 years in prison when she is convicted on July 15.

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