GA Woman Who Was Not Charged With a Crime Says That a Worker at a Car Rental Company Treated Her Unfairly

GA Woman Who Was Not Charged With a Crime Says That a Worker at a Car Rental Company Treated Her Unfairly

She says she called the Clayton County Court Administrator and that’s when she found out the charges against her were dropped.

Bradley told Ashli Lincoln, an undercover reporter for Channel 2, “Charges should not have been brought in the first place.”

In 2020, Brazier was charged with simple violence after a worker at Enterprise Rent-A-Car said she hit the worker.

But Brazier told Ashli Lincoln, an investigative reporter, that she is the one who was wronged in this case.

She told Lincoln, “She used a gay slur against me.”

She says she tried to rent a car so she could go to Augusta and take her mother-in-law to the doctor.

In her complaint, Brazier says that a salesperson wouldn’t handle her rental because she is gay.

She said, “I gave her my ID, proof of residency, a gas bill, a light bill, and paperwork from the VA, and she’s telling me she can’t take my proof.”

Brazier says she yelled and spoke words, but she says she left when the coworker called her a gay slur.

She said, “I don’t like how I was put in that situation.”

After some time, Brazier says that Clayton County Police called her while she was on her way to Augusta and told her to go back to the rental center.

“The woman told me to come back, but I’ve got other things to do,” she said.

After six months, she says she was shocked when the police came to her door and arrested her for simple battery connected to the Enterprise incident.

According to what Brazier told Lincoln, the employee said she hit her.

Brazier was arrested but later got out on bond.

“If anything, she should have been charged with a crime because she was unfair to me,” Brazier said.

Enterprise admitted that something happened when Channel 2 asked them about it.

“At that time, the renter was not able to provide the appropriate documentation to qualify for her rental, and became upset and aggressive when she was told she would need to produce the necessary documentation,” the company said in a statement.

The business says Brazier spat on the worker.

Brazier says that she doesn’t agree with that claim.

Enterprise says that since this was a crime against a person and not the company, it is up to that person to decide if they want to press charges.

Clayton County said that the Solicitor’s Office dropped the charge of simple abuse against Brazier.

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