Texas Restaurant Elderly Owners Assaulted by Bill Dodgers; Suspects Evade Capture in Austin

Texas Restaurant Elderly Owners Assaulted by Bill Dodgers; Suspects Evade Capture

Austin, TX: A disturbing video has been shared that shows the moment when a Texas restaurant owner was attacked by a group of people who he says wouldn’t pay for their food.

The video shows Sergio Alberto Vazquez, who is in his 70s, arguing with the accused liars on Sunday outside of his Austin Mexican restaurant, Chekos. He says that one of them hit and dragged him to the ground.

Two women and one guy in the group told Vazquez on Fox 7 Austin that they were not going to pay their bill, so he told them to leave.

The rowdy group started breaking dishes on their way out, which made Vazquez pull out his phone and follow them outside to take a picture of their license plate.

“And the guy he just came down from the car and started beating me,” he said.

You can see Vazquez on the ground trying to get up while a woman who is out of shot seems to try to punch him. VAZQUEZ TOLD THE POLICE THAT HE WAS Harmed. Local news sources say Vazquez’s bruises to his face were clear.

After that, the three of them drove off in their crossover SUV.

The suspects are still on the run, according to the police.

“I want to say thank you very much for those people for helping me,” said Vazquez. “I hope people can see this video…” “Call the police when these guys come in.”

Fox 7 says Vazquez said in Spanish, “These little kids, these children, they need to learn a lesson so they don’t do this everywhere they go.”

His daughter Maria is shocked that someone would attack an older person.

“It’s ridiculous that you want to come to a business and especially do that to an elder, like we were brought up to respect our elders, not to ever treat them that way,” she stated.

Police are asking people to help them catch the criminals.

You can give a tip at austincrimestoppers.org or by calling 512-472-8477 without giving your name.

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