An Arm and Body Thought to Belong to a Dead Milwaukee Teen Were Found Along Lake Michigan

An Arm and Body Thought to Belong to a Dead Milwaukee Teen Were Found Along Lake Michigan

Thursday, more human remains were found. Police say they are those of a 19-year-old Wisconsin woman who was killed and dissected after going on a date with the suspect.

Police in Milwaukee County said in a statement that a body and an arm were found on a remote stretch of tree-lined Lake Michigan beach just after 7:30 a.m. The sheriff’s office said the body parts were found about a quarter mile from an apartment complex. They are thought to have washed up on the shore.

Sade Robinson, also from Milwaukee, was killed by Maxwell Anderson, 33, who is charged with first-degree intentional murder, mutilating a corpse, and setting fire to a body. The two went on a date on April 1, the sheriff’s office said in a report that was made public last week.

Body parts have been found in several places since the day after the date.

The right leg was cut off and found on April 2 near a 100-foot hill by the water in Cudahy’s Warnimont Park. As of now, it looks like Robinson’s, according to the lawsuit.

City police in Milwaukee said that unidentified bodies were found in one area on April 5, 6, and 7.

The lawsuit said that the foot that was found on April 6 next to the train tracks looked like it belonged to the same person as the right leg.

The sheriff’s office said that all the bones found in Milwaukee are thought to be Robinson’s, but that has not been officially proven.

Anderson was caught during a traffic stop on April 4. He stayed at the Milwaukee County Jail on Thursday because he couldn’t pay the $5 million bail. On Monday, there will be a preliminary meeting.

Robinson’s death is still being looked into. Officials say that the sheriff’s office has hired and planned a sonar detection boat to search Lake Michigan even more for her body.

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