Tennessee Family Perishes in Horrific Lightning Strike, Pregnant Mother Among the Victims

Tennessee Family Perishes in Horrific Lightning Strike, Pregnant Mother Among the Victims

According to the authorities, a lightning strike is most likely to be blamed for a fire that occurred in Tennessee and resulted in the deaths of a man, a woman, a kid, and an unborn child.

Approximately eight minutes before eight o’clock on Thursday morning, firefighters from the Lawrence County Fire and Rescue Department responded to the residence fire, as stated in a press statement.

As they battled to put out the fire, the firefighters also searched for anybody who had survived.

According to the authorities, the fire claimed the lives of three people: Travis Lee Wissner, age 28, Paige Brown, age 18, and Jackson Lee Wissner, age 7. Brown was also pregnant, according to fire and rescue, but regrettably, her unborn child did not make it through the ordeal.

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In order to provide assistance with the investigation into the fire death, the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation both arrived at the scene simultaneously.

“A lightning strike cannot be eliminated as the cause of the fire,” the investigators came to the conclusion after their investigation.

According to the announcement, authorities gathered evidence from the scene, as well as witness testimony and statistics on lightning strikes, in order to determine that lightning had been present in the region prior to the fire.

Neither the dispatch records nor the arriving firefighters were able to identify any smoke alarms that were operational.

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