Surfers’ Deaths in Mexico Draw Chilling Parallels to San Diego Murders; Investigator says “Anyone can be Killed for Anything”

Surfers' Deaths in Mexico Draw Chilling Parallels to San Diego Murders; Investigator says "Anyone can be Killed for Anything"

A private detective said that the killings of three surfers in Mexico “eek out” similarities to the killings of a couple from San Diego in the same Mexican state four years ago.

Jay Armes III, a detective who works cases all over the world and specialises in kidnappings in Mexico, remembered Ian Hirschsohn and Kathy Harvey right away. They were killed in their 70s at their holiday home in El Socorrito, a small beach town in Baja California, where they had been going on vacation for years.

Like Jake, Callum, and Carter Robinson, who were killed over the weekend in a carjacking near Ensenada in Baja California and whose bodies were dumped down a well, they were killed in Australia and the United States.

“The story is they (the suspects) wanted the tires, not even the truck,” Armes said. “They burned the truck. That’s how little regard for life there is in these remote areas of Mexico. Anyone can be killed for anything.”

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The man who broke into the San Diego couple’s home and stole their bedding killed them, according to a statement from the Baja California Attorney General’s Office in 2021. The office said they thought the thief thought the house was empty.

The Mexican prosecutor’s office said at the time that he was probably scared when he saw Hirschsohn and Harvey and then killed them both with a knife and dumped their bodies.

To find them, police went to a well “in the middle of nowhere,” as Hirschsohn’s daughter Ava Setzer told The San Diego Union Tribune in a January 2021 story.

Armes thinks that the Mexican government was thinking about that case because they were looking for the missing surfers along the northwest coast of the country.

Mexican police say that all three bodies were found with gunshot wounds to the heads in a 50-foot well.

Along with the two women from the U.S. and Australia, a fourth victim, a woman whose name was not released, was also found. The police haven’t ruled out the possibility that the same suspects killed her.

Someone killed Rhoad just three months before he was going to marry his sweetheart, Natalie Weirtz, in August. Zoopla had details about their wedding, but it has since been taken down.

Armes says that the surfers went missing last weekend and were found within days, which is a shift that doesn’t happen very often in Mexico.

Authorities identified three suspects and are currently holding two of them on drug charges after reportedly discovering meth on their person.

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