Tanker Truck Faces Iowa Tornado Head-On; Winds Overturn Another Semi

Tanker Truck Faces Iowa Tornado Head-On; Winds Overturn Another Semi

NEVADA, Iowa – In the vicinity of Nevada, Iowa, on Tuesday, a camera belonging to the Iowa Department of Transportation captured the terrible moments that occurred when two truck drivers were engulfed by a tornado respectively.

It would appear that the first tractor-trailer became aware of the tornado that was moving across the highway and subsequently stopped moving. A tanker truck sweeps past the tractor-trailer that has stopped, and the image on the traffic cam begins to blur as a result of the high wind and the rain.

The mass of the tornado, which is the opaque gray whirling mass, is in front of it. The driver of the tanker applies the brakes with a smash. On the other hand, the tanker is engulfed by the solid clouds, and its red taillights disappear almost immediately.

It is just for a few while that the first semi-truck manages to cling on before it is pushed over and likewise consumed by the storm.

Immediately after the tornado had passed, more drivers passed by both of the trucks. It is said that there were emergency crews present at the moment. According to the Iowa State Patrol, neither driver was reported to have sustained any injuries in the collision.

However, the tanker was blown into some trees that were located along the side of the road, yet it managed to withstand the storm upright.

Additionally, the tractor-trailer was pushed off the highway to the side.

The state of Iowa was ravaged by a tornado outbreak on Tuesday, which resulted in the deaths of numerous people and the complete destruction of the town of Greenfield.

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