Horrific Attack Caught on Camera: Woman Runs Over and Stabs Man Nine Times in Broad Daylight in Houston

Horrific Attack Caught on Camera: Woman Runs Over and Stabs Man Nine Times in Broad Daylight in Houston

Surveillance video shows a suspect running over a man twice as he went to get the mail, then kissing and cutting his dead body nine times in front of horrified neighbors.

Witnesses rushed to help Steven Anderson, 64, after he was hit by the car driven by Karon Fisher, 20, according to film captured on a doorbell camera in Houston on May 3.

A witness told ABC 13 that after being stabbed, Ms. Fisher got up and walked away like nothing had happened.

“It’s very disturbing. I have kids here; they could have been out here playing, and imagine them,” one neighbor told the outlet.

The Woodridge Square Drive video, which was edited to remove the contact points, showed Mr. Anderson going to his mailbox before he heard the sound of a fast-moving, screeching car.

Soon after, a white car drove up and pointed its gun at the target, who tried to dodge it. After the car hit him, it turned around and pushed him further down the road.

Immediately, neighbors rushed to help and call 911. One of them came over with a pillow for the victim while someone on the other end of the call said the dispatcher told them to “turn him over.”

Suddenly, the suspect, a blonde woman in workout clothes, showed up with a knife. She forced the man to the ground and straddled him before kissing him.

Before trying to leave, she stabbed him nine times. But the driver wouldn’t let them, so she jumped over the body and drove off.

Fisher, 20, was later caught by the Houston Police Department and charged with murder. It looks like Ms. Fisher is a woman, but her jail papers show that she is a man. One million dollars has been put up as bond for her.

On the same day as the murder, the suspect is also accused of hitting a hospital worker. Authorities have not said if the victim and the offender knew each other.

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