Biden Takes Personal Jabs at Trump, Calls Him a ‘Loser and Having Trouble’ and Criticizes COVID Response

Biden Takes Personal Jabs at Trump, Calls Him a 'Loser and Having Trouble' and Criticizes COVID Response

President Joe Biden insulted Donald Trump more personally on Tuesday. He called the likely Republican nominee a “loser” and made fun of how he handled the COVID pandemic.

During his speech at the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies’s annual awards gala in Washington, D.C., Biden made fun of Trump.

“That other guy, that loser. I think he’s having trouble,” Biden said, without referring to Trump by name.

People in the ballroom laughed at the insult as part of an event to honor Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month.

Biden also said that Trump did not handle the COVID pandemic well when he was president four years ago.

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“Look, I’ll never forget him lying about the pandemic, telling Americans to inject bleach into their skin,” Biden said Tuesday. “I wonder if he did it. It might explain something.”

In 2020, Trump talked about whether disinfectant could be used to get rid of COVID-19 from the body through a “injection.”

NBC News recently talked to several aides and advisers who said that Biden’s growing attacks on Trump, which have included attacks on his finances and weight, are part of a plan that Biden himself is in charge of.

When asked for a comment on Biden’s comments, the Trump campaign did not respond right away.

Tuesday wasn’t the first time Biden brought up Trump’s Covid comments. He was talking about what Trump said last week about using a cleaner to fight the virus at campaign events.

“Remember him saying the best thing to do is just inject a little bleach in your arm?”Biden told people at a campaign event on Friday.

“That’s what he said. And he meant it. I wish he had done a little bit himself.”

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