Protestor Spotted wearing Hamas Headband in Stanford, Jewish Student Concerned

Protestor Spotted wearing Hamas Headband in Stanford, Jewish Student Concerned

Stanford, CA: Two Jewish students who were worried that the school wasn’t doing enough to stop racist behavior took a picture of a man on the Stanford University campus wearing a headband that looks like one worn by Hamas terrorists. The picture went viral.

When Jewish students at Stanford took a picture of a man on campus wearing a Hamas hat, they said, “We were just shocked.”

The two friends, who asked to stay anonymous for safety reasons, said they saw someone sitting down at a picnic table while walking near White Plaza on Friday. White Plaza is the center of the northern California campus where anti-Israel protesters have set up a camp.

Moving closer, they saw that the person they couldn’t identify was wearing the same kind of headband as members of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, which is Hamas’s military branch.

The picture of the man sitting at the table with the green headband that said “Arabic” on it and a face covering went viral on social media very quickly. This made university leaders pay attention.

“We have received many expressions of concern about a photo circulating on social media of an individual on White Plaza who appeared to be wearing a green headband similar to those worn by members of Hamas,” a school statement said Wednesday.

We are very worried about this because Hamas is a terrorist group according to the US government. We haven’t been able to figure out who it is, but we sent the picture to the FBI.

Pro-Palestinian protesters at Stanford and many other colleges across the country have used speech that some people consider antisemitic in response to Israel’s military offensive in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip after the terror group’s deadly attack on Israeli communities on October 7.

There’s no need for people to agree with everything. “We’re at a college,” the second student who took the picture told Fox News Digital.

He pointed out that some of the rioters can’t even explain why they are against Israel.

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