Mother Sues for $125k After Her Daughter Gets Stuck Upside Down on an Oregon Amusement Ride for 30 Minutes

Mother Sues for $125k After Her Daughter Gets Stuck Upside Down on an Oregon Amusement Ride for 30 Minutes

The amusement park where her 14-year-old daughter and many other people were stuck upside down on a ride for 30 minutes has been sued by a mom.

Oregon police called for help at Oaks Park on June 14 because a ride wasn’t working right.

Around 30 people were stuck on the AtmosFEAR ride and hanging upside down. People can ride the attraction that spins them around in a circle over the top of the ride. But it got stuck at the top.

Fire workers worked to lower the ride by hand, but they were ready to use a high-angle rope rescue if they had to.

After about 30 minutes, the team was able to lower the ride and get the thrill-seekers off of it.

KATU says that Amy Yanotta has now filed a claim over the event that got her 14-year-old daughter stuck.

Yannotta told the news source, “I think that my daughter and maybe other riders should get some money for the trauma they went through.”

The teen’s skin was cut, sore, and achy, and there was more blood flow to the brain, which made him feel dizzy and raised his heart rate and blood pressure. The mom also said that her daughter is having worry and PTSD because of what happened.

There were a lot of headaches among the kids. Evie’s was pretty bad for the first two days. That’s slowly getting less each time. There is still some pain in her body. “The harness left some marks on her neck,” her mom said.

The lawsuit says the park was careless, which is why the ride got stuck. The claim asks for up to $125,000 because of what happened.

A park official told The Independent that they had nothing else to say about the case.

The reason why the ride broke down is being looked into.

“This was a traumatic event, and the kids were feeling a lot of different things during it,” Yannotta said. “Because park staff didn’t talk to them much, the kids didn’t really know what was going on.”

Source: Independent

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