Police Report at Least 7 Injured in California Shooting, Suspected Gang Involvement

Police Report at Least 7 Injured in California Shooting, Suspected Gang Involvement

Long Beach, CA: A shooting happened late Saturday night in Long Beach, California, and hurt at least seven people, according to cops.

The shooting happened near South Street and Paramount Boulevard around 11:15 p.m. PT. Long Beach police officers arrived.

“Approximately seven victims have been reported at this time and all of the victims either self-transported or were transported by LBFD, to local hospitals,” the department said in a report. The police did not say what happened before the killing.

Police said that four of the victims are in serious condition and three had injuries that were not life-threatening. It’s not clear if all of the people who died were shot.

An update the police department posted on Facebook on Sunday said they think at least two guys shot at a group of people. Police have not yet arrested any suspects, and while the reason is still unknown, detectives think the crime had something to do with gangs.

Long Beach police asked people to stay away from the spot early Sunday while they looked into what happened.

“This police department is dedicated and focused on arresting any violent offender utilizing dangerous firearms to victimize our community,” Chief Hebeish said. “The Long Beach Police Department has been actively investigating this shooting since late last night, and we will continue working until we identify and arrest those involved in this unacceptable act of gun violence.”

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