A Girl, 8, Was Sucked Into a Hilton Hotel Pool Pipe. The Management Company Said It Was Her Parents’ Fault

A Girl, 8, Was Sucked Into a Hilton Hotel Pool Pipe. The Management Company Said It Was Her Parents' Fault

There was an accident where an 8-year-old girl was sucked into a pool pipe and killed. The hotel management company says the girl’s parents are to blame.

On March 23, Aliyah Lynette Jaico and her family were swimming at a Houston DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in the afternoon. The girl then disappeared.

In a civil lawsuit, Jaico’s family says that after 30 minutes of looking for the missing girl, they went to the hotel staff and asked to see the security video. However, the staff refused to do so until the police arrived.

After Jaico went missing, it took almost an hour for the police to be called. Her body was later found in a pipe deep inside the pool’s mechanical systems.

The family attacked the hotel management companies, saying that the death was a “direct result” of their failure to keep the pool in good working order.

NW Hospitality Services, LLC said in papers filed Wednesday that Jaico’s family “engaged in negligent acts and/or omissions that proximately caused the alleged injuries and damages.”

In April, Unique Crowne Hospitality, another company that was named in the suit, made the same points.

People who say the family is to blame have been told not to believe it.

“Many people are saying things about her [the mother], like that she wasn’t there, that she went missing, or that she might have been in the hotel room.” In March, Richard Nava, the lawyer for Jaico’s family, said, “None of that is true.”

He thought Jaico might have been trying to keep her 5-year-old sister from getting sucked into the pipe. Later, a 13-year-old cousin pulled the younger girl out of the pool, but Jaico was no longer there.

It hurt her poor body when she was sucked into this hole and pipe 20 feet back. “When she had to be taken out, her body was inside the motor,” Nava said at the time. “They had to break up the concrete to get her out,” the pop said. It was horrifying beyond words.


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