Planned Attack Exposed at Wilson Middle School, NWISD Takes Swift Action in Texas

Planned Attack Exposed at Wilson Middle School, NWISD Takes Swift Action

Fort Worth, TX: Someone found a paper online that talked about a planned attack at a Northwest ISD middle school.

A parent at Wilson Middle School gave the school district the document during school on Wednesday. It was about a plan to attack students and workers at the campus.

NWISD says that a group of students worked together on the document, which had a “watch list” of targets and a plan for how to hit them.

There were 25 student names on the list and 7 staff names. Everyone on the list goes to or works at Wilson Middle School.

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School districts across the country have been getting terroristic threats in writing, and the language on the paper was the same. Police in Fort Worth have arrested two students who helped make the paper and said that any other students who were involved will also be held responsible.

The two students who are thought to be guilty could be charged with a felony.

For the rest of the week, NWISD said there will be busy security and counselors on scene.

Police in Fort Worth want anyone who knows more about what’s going on to call them at 817-392-4222.

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