New Study Reveals Surprising Danger: Women Who Drink More Than One Glass of Wine a Day Face Serious Health Risks

New Study Reveals Surprising Danger Women Who Drink More Than One Glass of Wine a Day Face Serious Health Risks

A new study about the dangers of booze may make women who drink more than one glass of wine a day think twice:

Science Daily found that women ages 18 to 65 who drank at least eight drinks a week, or more than one a day, had a much higher chance of heart disease than women who drank less. The Washington Post says they were up to 51% more likely to get that cancer.

People who drink too much: Women who drink three or more drinks a day were most at risk: Yahoo News says that these women were 68% more likely to get heart disease than regular drinkers, who have three to fourteen drinks a week.

Men: Men who drink too much (four or more drinks in a day) also had a higher chance (33%), but the gap was bigger for women.

Takeaway: “There has been an increasing prevalence of alcohol use among young and middle-aged women as women may feel they’re protected against heart disease until they’re older, but this study shows that even in that age group, women who drink more than the recommended amount of one drink per day or tend to binge drink, are at risk for coronary heart disease,” Jamal Ran of Permanente Medical Group, the study’s lead.

More than 430,000 people in the Kaiser Permanente Northern California health group were used in the study. In April, the study will be shown at the Annual Scientific Session of the American College of Cardiology.

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