New Legislation Grants Governor Authority to Aid Jobless Port Workers

New Legislation Grants Governor Authority to Aid Jobless Port Workers

The lawmakers from Maryland’s 46th District are helping port workers who have been laid off.

“We also want to make sure that families have the basic safety they need to get by.” Someone said, “People got up on Monday and went to work, and when they woke up on Tuesday, their jobs were gone at 11 a.m. at Seagirt.”

The governor would be able to use the state’s “rainy day” fund to help the workers under a bill that was introduced Friday afternoon.

It includes small businesses, trade groups, and trade group suppliers that depend on the port.​

Del. Clippinger said, “The main thing was we wanted to give the governor the power to set up these programs now.”

The money would have to be given out by the state before June 30.

It’s still not clear what will happen because Gov. Moore has to decide how the program will work.

“I’ve also asked the General Assembly to ensure any legislation we work on provides the flexibility our administration needs to assist port workers, businesses, and our transportation network,” said Moore.

Clippinger says this is only meant to be a short-term solution and may not fully make up for the lost pay for the workers.

They will figure out how to get the money to the workers and how to make the applications.

Lawmakers are hoping that the federal government will help pay for the program in some way.

A bill was put forward by Republican senators to change Maryland’s state of emergency rules for major infrastructure crises.

We’ve been told that the bill is not important since there are only ten days left in the term.

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