Arizona Auctions $1.3 Million Worth of Government-Seized High-End Jewelry

Arizona Auctions $1.3 Million Worth of Government-Seized High-End Jewelry

These days, high-end gold, watches, and coins worth about $1.3 million are being auctioned off in Arizona.

The items were taken away from drug activities by the Counter Narcotics Agency (CNA). Sierra Auction has posted a list of the things that are for sale and says that online bidding is now open.

An 18k Presidential Rolex with a diamond bezel worth over $65,000 is one of the things being auctioned. Another is a 14k yellow-gold men’s oval diamond ring set with a 5.02-carat diamond, which is worth $80,000. There is also other high-end jewelry up for auction, including pieces covered in diamonds and custom designs.

The sale will bring in money that will be given back to local police departments.

“We get hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and cars taken away by police departments across the state every year, and we sell these things every month they come up.” “We want to sell the item and give the agency the money back,” said Nick Carr, owner of Sierra Auction.

On Monday at 5 p.m., the sale ends. People who won can get their prizes at 4298 N 35th Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85019.

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