Missing 83-year-old Man’s Car Discovered 200 Miles Away in Kentucky

Missing 83-year-old Man's Car Discovered 200 Miles Away in Kentucky

KY. CALDWELL COUNTY— Police are looking for a man whose car was found abandoned in Dawson Springs, Kentucky. This is about four hours away from where he was last seen, which was near his home in Florence several weeks ago.

Police in Caldwell County, Kentucky, said on Facebook that Roy Foster Jackson, 83, was last seen on April 7 near his home in Florence. Jackson’s car was found parked in a field next to the Trusty Cemetery in Dawson Springs on Monday. A big search was set up to look for him in the area over the next three days. Jackson has still not been found as of Friday afternoon.

Police in Kentucky traced Jackson’s car tag back to Alabama, which is how Lt. James Distefano of the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office in north Alabama learned about his missing. Then, deputies went to Jackson’s home in Florence to make sure he was okay but couldn’t find him.

Deputies learned that Jackson has dementia and diabetes and hadn’t been seen or heard from in a few days before his car was found by his sister, Distefano said. Jackson’s sister is thought to be his only next of kin.

“It seems like he got behind the wheel, drove, and then realized he was going the wrong way,” Distefano said.

Once his trip from Florence to Dawson Springs was looked into, it was found that Jackson had gone through Nashville on the way. Jackson’s last credit card use was discovered in Russellville, Kentucky, which is about an hour’s drive from where his car was found.

The Caldwell County Sheriff’s Office can be reached at 270-365-2088 or the Dispatch Center’s non-emergency line can be reached at 270-365-2041 if you know where Jackson is.

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