Two People Were Caught Stealing $10,000 Worth of Copper Wire in Mississippi

Two People Were Caught Stealing $10,000 Worth of Copper Wire in Mississippi

CLAIBORNE COUNTY, Miss.  – Copper wires from AT&T worth about $10,000 were cut and stolen in Mississippi, and two people have been caught.

Adams County Sheriff Travis Patten said that around 11 a.m. on Friday, officers were sent to Powlett Road in the county. Deputy Patten said it was the second time since April 15 that copper wire had been taken from the area.

Police chief Patten said that the stolen and cut lines cut off internet service to both the airport and the FAA.

After Joshua Peebles, 41, and Tiffany Vickers, 35, were caught on Powlett Road with about 143 feet of stolen “DSL Internet Lines,” Adams County called Jefferson County Sheriff James Bailey and Claiborne County Sheriff Edward Good for help.

Peebles and Vickers were found on MS Highway 547 in Claiborne County by all three departments. They were then arrested.

Before being taken to the Claiborne County Sheriff’s Office, both suspects were questioned by Sheriff Edward Good. They admitted to taking the internet lines in Adams County on Friday and April 15. The police found both the stolen internet lines and the tools that were used to cut them.

In Claiborne County, Peebles and Vickers are each charged with felony possession of stolen goods. In Adams County, they are each charged with grand theft and theft. There may be more charges coming.

“I’d like to thank Sheriff James Bailey, Sheriff Edward Good, and their staff for getting this taken care of quickly.” “Not the quick response of the ACSO deputies and the great work of Dispatch Supervisor Annette Fells during this incident, these suspects might have kept going down their destructive criminal path,” Patten said.

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