McConnell Stuns with Declaration Despite ‘Violent Insurrection,’ Still Supports Trump for Future Votes

McConnell Stuns with Declaration Despite 'Violent Insurrection,' Still Supports Trump for Future Votes

Lawyer Elie Honig of CNN said he doesn’t understand why Judge Juan Merchan hasn’t decided yet if Donald Trump broke the gag order in his New York criminal trial.

Early this month, Merchan gave the order after the former president attacked witnesses and the daughter of the judge in the case. Trump has said a few things since then that might be against the gag order. Trump once used a quote from a Fox News host who said that “Liberal Activists” in the jury pool had lied to get on the list for jury duty. At the time, Jeffrey Toobin, who used to be a federal lawyer, said Trump “clearly” broke the order.

Merchan has already held one meeting to find out if Trump broke the order, and he has planned a second one for Thursday.

On Monday’s AC360 on CNN, Honig and Toobin talked about the fact that there hasn’t been a decision yet.

Toobin said, “Part of the reason you have a gag order is to stop anything bad that the people who were gagged do.” “It’s likely that Trump has already broken it, but the judge hasn’t said anything yet.” Now it looks like a machine that never stops moving. The prosecution says that he keeps breaking the gag order, so they keep adding more cases. An order should come down soon.”

Trump has pleaded not guilty to 34 counts of lying about his business to hide hush money payments he made to hide affairs he had before the 2016 election.

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