Lawyer Who Used to Work for Trump Sees Donald Trump’s “Big Mistake” That Will “Make His Campaign Cringe”

Lawyer Who Used to Work for Trump Sees Donald Trump's Big Mistake That Will Make His Campaign Cringe

Jim Schultz, a former lawyer for Donald Trump in the White House, said it was a “big mistake” for Trump to talk about the deadly 2017 neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, during his rant Thursday outside the courthouse where his hush money trial was being held.

Speaking about the white supremacist “Unite the Right” rally, the former president and likely GOP nominee said it was “little peanut” compared to college protests against the Israel-Hamas war.

It must make his team cringe just to hear him talk about Charlottesville at this point, right?” Schultz told Jake Tapper on CNN.

“That just makes me remember all the bad things that happened with that.” “That was a really bad problem for him at the time,” he said. It was a big political mistake for him to bring that up now, because I was in the White House when all of that was going on.

People were very angry with Trump at the time because he said there were “very fine people on both sides” of the march.

The rest of Trump’s Thursday words, which included many lies, were just “campaign rhetoric,” Schultz said.

The lawyer said Trump looked “a little tired.” He also said that the former president shouldn’t give these kinds of talks unless he’s going to “be sharp and make his points.”

Schultz worked as an associate White House attorney all of 2017.

He told Bianna Golodryga of CNN in 2021 that he would not be Trump’s secret lawyer.

He said, “I know that I would not be his personal lawyer.” “He often talks over his personal lawyers and doesn’t listen to their advice. Instead, he plans ahead of what the lawyers are trying to do in court.” Because of that, I wouldn’t do that as a personal lawyer.

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