Mass Shooting in Savannah, Georgia Leaves 11 Injured Over the Weekend

Mass Shooting in Savannah, Georgia Leaves 11 Injured Over the Weekend

SAVANNAH, Ga.— Late Saturday night, an argument between two women turned into a gunfight in a busy tourist area of Savannah, Georgia. Eleven people were hurt, and two people were killed. This was one of five killings in the city over the weekend.

Friday, two people were hurt in different shootings. Two more people were killed in killings on Saturday. Then shots were fired just before midnight on Saturday near Ellis Square in Savannah.

Lenny Gunther, the police chief, said that the shooting happened while two women were arguing in a nearby store. He did not say which business it was.

“There was a shot.” “That caused other people to shoot,” he said. “Many people pulled out their guns and started shooting at each other, which caused many people to be shot.”

Ten of the eleven people hurt were hit by bullets. The authorities did not say what hurt the eleventh person. People were treated at the scene, and cops said “several” were taken to a hospital. The cuts didn’t look like they could kill the person.

Mayor Van Johnson said that the shootings were made worse by the large number of guns in the area and that reasonable gun control rules are needed. He also said that people who own guns should keep them safe and that people who carry guns should know when and how to use them.

Jones told reporters on Sunday, “We have to insist on smart gun laws.” “On the other hand, we need to let people know they need to be careful with those weapons.”

The shooting took place a week before Memorial Day weekend when a lot of tourists come to the area. People were told by Gunther that there would be enough police officers to keep everyone safe.

People from all over the world love to visit Savannah’s ancient district, which is where Ellis Square is located. A big pond and a life-sized statue of singer-songwriter Johnny Mercer are what the park is known for. It was built in 2010.

The first two killings in Savannah over the weekend happened on Friday. Each of those led to a hurt that wasn’t life-threatening and an arrest. When cops arrived at a home invasion call on Saturday, they found a dead child inside. At first, it was said that shots were fired when a resident faced an armed intruder.

Still another shooting was reported at an intersection in Savannah on Saturday night. One guy was killed and a child was hurt.

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