Colorado Mom Confronts Alleged Peeping Tom Outside Department Store Dressing Room

Colorado Mom Confronts Alleged Peeping Tom Outside Department Store Dressing Room

Following her claim that she witnessed a peeping Tom watching her change in a fitting room at a department shop, a mother from Colorado was determined to ensure that the individual would not be allowed to go.

According to Michelle Chandler, who spoke to local FOX31, the event took place on May 11 in Lakewood. It has been stated that the mall store, which has not been named, has changing rooms for both men and women in the same location. It was while Chandler was trying on a potential Mother’s Day outfit that she became aware of the unpleasant odor emanating from someone else’s feet.

The mother of five told the television station, “As I bent down to remove these pants, I looked over, and I saw men’s shoes, socks, and his phone pointing right at me.” She was explaining that she was attempting to remove the pants. “I grabbed him, threw him on the ground, put my knee in his back and held his head down.”

Chandler stated that store employees assisted her in maintaining control of the suspect, whom she described as being 19 years old, until the arrival of shopping center security and law enforcement.

Chandler tells the suspect, “This is why men don’t belong in women’s fitting rooms,” in the footage that was shot as he was being restrained by Chandler. It is possible to observe the suspect with his pants that are falling off and gym shorts that are worn underneath.

“You need to be held accountable,” Chandler said to FOX31 in reference to the suspicious individual. “It’s not OK what he did.”

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