Maine High School Sports Embrace Inclusivity: New Policy Allows Students to Compete by Gender Identity

Maine High School Sports Embrace Inclusivity New Policy Allows Students to Compete by Gender Identity

Maine high school students will be able to join sports teams based on their gender identity thanks to a new rule.

The Maine Principal’s Association (MPA) is in charge of high school sports across the state. On Wednesday, the MPA’s members agreed to let non-binary kids join the team where they feel most at ease.

Transgender kids had to show proof and get permission from an MPA committee as late as 2021, according to the Maine Principals Association. The executive head of Equality Maine, Gia Drew, said that changed in 2022, when lawmakers changed the Maine Human Rights Act.

Drew said that Maine’s new policy will make it easier for transgender children to fit in.

“I think this just sort of shows the full spectrum, that transgender people can do all sorts of things,” he said. “The world doesn’t need to know who we are.” In all the ways that young people get to experience school, we can too. That goes for shows, clubs, and sports alike.”

The MPA rule says that each member school is the only one who can decide what gender a student is for sports. Drew said she hopes this will keep transgender sports safe from harm from other people.

“It seems to make it very clear to people what their options are if they are transgender or non-binary.” “You can play on your school’s sports team,” Drew told him.

It is also against the rules to ask for medical records or legal papers to prove a student athlete’s gender identity.

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